spray extraction method
spray extraction method
spray extraction method
Soiling and stains can be cleaned using our spray extraction method, with the fabric lying flat on a special washing floor. Prior to initiating the washing process, we perform extensive colour tests and the condition of the carpet or tapestry is determined. The soap used has been especially developed for the restoration and preservation of fragile historic textiles and was tested by ICN in Amsterdam. A small amount of water with a soap solution is sprayed onto the carpet and extracted with the soiling. This treatment is repeated until the carpet is clean. Following washing, the carpet is washed in the same way, so that no soap residue remains.

During the cleaning process, the object lies flat on a special washing floor that, following the washing, is treated with an air system that accelerates drying. After washing, the carpet or tapestry can be stretched if necessary.

Stains that cannot be removed with washing can be treated prior to the washing process, after in-depth testing, with a solvent.

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